Vice President of Operations, Artist Manager

Brandon is an entertainment industry professional over 10 years of industry knowledge and experience. He's well versed in entertainment production companies, entertainment finance, management, live events, musicians, and influencers.


Vice President of Communications, Partner

Anastasia is a creative genius. She delivers excellent work to clients and delegates many tasks down to her team. She's a team player who understands the business and always tends to the clients needs.



Vice President of Production

Roxan has been contributing with us since we first got started. As one of our veteran employees, Roxan has made a huge impact to the business and has really become a part of the family. From the liaison between vendors to the equipment, you won’t believe the results you’ll get when you work with this superstar.



Vice President of Marketing

We trust Giancarlo with all of our digital needs, who proves that no technological feat is too big to tackle. From digital campaigns to viral videos, you want this hard working innovator in your corner.